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PAACO Partners With United Way


The Pueblo African American Concern Organization, also known as PAACO, is a grassroots, non-profit organization that has been providing scholarships to exceptional students for over twenty years. The PAACO Scholarship was designed to encourage African American and minority students to attend accredited institutions of higher education and to assist them with staying in college. As a community member or a former scholarship recipient, it is up to each and every one of us to ensure that PAACO delivers a sustainable promise to the next generation. 



We would like you to consider giving back to PAACO through United Way; the United Way Campaign gives you the freedom to support a nonprofit organization, on your own terms.

We recognize that these are challenging times, as such; a payroll deduction is often the easiest way for many to make an annual gift to PAACO. Having a predetermined amount automatically set aside is helpful for personal and family budgeting and prevents you from having to write an annual check.  The pledged amount is divided by your company’s number of annual pay periods and deducted throughout the year. For example, if your company pays you as an employee, 26 times annually and you pledge $500 to PAACO through United Way, each paycheck would only be debited $19.23 or 1/26th of your annual pledge!

When you become a donor, not only will you join hundreds of local people who want to see PAACO at its best; you come together with like-minded individuals to make incredible things happen with your gift.


Your gift will make a difference, by:

  • Providing options for the students in this community to avoid behaviors which are self-limiting

  • Providing options for the students who are willing to apply themselves and stay in school: options for those motivated to pursue a higher education by having an identifiable support system

  • Providing a scholarship that not only shapes self-confidence, but increases the greater powers of resilience

We hope you will consider becoming a leader in our community, and give back to PAACO by donating through United Way. The way forward UNITED, together; we can ensure PAACO’s continued success.

To pledge download application here.








Please mail

to: Mile High United Way, 2505 18th Street, Denver, CO 80211-3939

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