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The Pueblo African-American Concern Organization (PAACO) is a non-profit organization founded in 1992 to support the educational goals and activities of African-American and minority students. This support is provided in the form of scholarships, mentoring, and tutoring to students in the Pueblo community.

Alissia Gonzalez

My name is Alissia Gonzalez and I am a former recipient of the PAACO scholarship. PAACO helped me to achieve my first bachelor's degree. I graduated in spring of 2010 with a BS in Biology and a double minor in Chemistry and Spanish. After graduating I decided to take some time off and spend it with my newborn baby girl. After some time passed I decided to apply to the accelerated Nursing program at Colorado State University of Pueblo and was accepted. I am currently a senior in the program and will complete the program in the summer of this year, 2012. I will have my BSN and my RN license shortly after. I don't plan on stopping there with my education. I eventually want my Nurse Practitioner. Right now my interest is in labor and delivery. I have considered becoming a nurse midwife, but there are so many other options I would like to explore first. There are so many fields to specialize in, so as of right now I am currently undecided to which one I would like to commit to. For the time being I will focus on getting exposure to different areas of nursing I didn't even know existed and gaining experience in those areas. In time, I will decide and take my education even further. Thank you PAACO for aiding in my life long journey!

Pueblo African American Concern Organization